Vegetarian Funghí appetizer - EXW:US$50.01/box - MOQ:1 Pallet

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Fungi of the pleurotus variety (Orellana) in a mix of hygienically processed mixed vegetables, seasoned, cooked, preserved in fruit vinegar and natural tomato paste. Vacuum packed It does not contain protein, nor ingredients of animal origin.

Mixture of acidic vegetables, accompanied by tomato paste and as a main ingredient, include fungi of the variety orellanas, genus Pleurotus. Orellana mushroom, mixed vegetables in different proportions (paprika, carrot, onion, broccoli, beans, olives), tomato sauce and pasta (tomato pulp, * natural sweetener, salt and spices), vegetable oil, citric acid and acetic acid.

* Sugarcane honey as a sweetener- Food without restrictions of consumption, are preserved with acetic acid (fruit vinegar) and citric acid pH stabilizer (citrus-lemon extract)

  • Country of Origin: Colombia
  • 1 Pallet: 150 boxes of 24 bottles each box = 3600 Units
  • HS CODE: 20039000
  • $7,501.50
  • SKU
  1. Physical aspect: Vegetables cut, nice appearance.
  2. Color: Red-orange and the characteristic of each vegetable, intense and bright.
  3. Texture: semi-solid.
  4. Smell: Characteristic of each vegetable.
  5. Taste: pleasant, semi-acid
  6. Titratable acidity: Range between 4.4 to 5.2.
  7. Microbiological:
    Mesophilic aerobic bacteria count.
    Range between 200-500 CFU / ml.
    Total coliforms <3 CFU / ml.
    Acceptable value <3 CFU / ml.
    Fecal coliforms <3 CFU / ml.
    Acceptable value <3 CFU / ml.
    CRS spore count <10 CFU / ml.
    Acceptable value <10 CFU / ml.
    Mushroom count.
    Range between 20-50 CFU / ml.
    Yeast count
    Range between 20-50 CFU / ml.
  8. Shelf life: 17 months in a sealed bottle and 40 days after opening in refrigerated conditions.
  • Supplier
    Setas de la Sabana
  • Details
    Glass containers X 90 grams (Net Cont)
    Glass containers X 240 grams (Net Cont)
    Glass containers X 355 grams (Net Cont)
    Glass containers X 900 grams (Net Cont)
    Glass containers X 3800 grams (Net Cont)

    Cardboard box 24 units of 90 gr.
    Cardboard box 12 units of 240 gr.
    Cardboard box 24 units of 240 gr.
    Cardboard box 12 units of 355 gr.
    Cardboard box 12 units of 470 gr.
    Cardboard box 12 units of 900 gr.
    Cardboard box 4 units of 3800 gr.

    Label: Contains an anti-free adhesive label with minimum information regarding:

    Product name:
    Production batch.
    Expiration date.
    Net weight.
    Manufacturer, address and country.
    Recommendations for use.
    Storage recommendations.

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