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Fresh Garlic - FOB:US$550.00/Ton - MOQ:19 Metric Tons
Fresh Garlic - FOB:US$550.00/Ton - MOQ:19 Metric Tons
Fresh Garlic - FOB:US$550.00/Ton - MOQ:19 Metric Tons Wholesale Business Directory

Fresh Garlic - FOB:US$550.00/Ton - MOQ:19 Metric Tons

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Fresh garlic specification


Normal white garlic, pure white garlic


3-4.5cm, 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 6.5cm and Up


Reducing bacteria, keeping  the  heart  in good  condition  and  immunity

Supplying Period

All the year round

(1) Fresh garlic: from June to September

(2) Cold stocking garlic: from September to next May

Product Origin

Shandong Province, China

Exporting Standard

No root, no black mould, no splits, no internal germination growth, 

no insects or fungous stuff

Plump, thick bright skin, whole and strong texture

Transporting Temperature

-3 - 0

Supply Ability

1000 tons per month


Loose packing:

  • 10kg carton
  • 20kg carton
  • 10kg mesh bag
  • 20kg mesh bag

Small packing:

  • 1kg/bag   1kg*10bags/ctn
  • 500g/bag  500g*20bags/ctn
  • 250g/bag  250g*40bags/ctn
  • 200g/bag  200g*50bags/ctn
  • 3pcs/bag  10kg/ctn
  • 5pcs/bag 10kg/ctn

Different designs and different size of packing can be customized according clients’ requirements.

Garlic shipping

1)    The garlic must be shipped in reefer container.

2)    If packing in 20kg mesh bag, one 40 RH reefer container can load 28-30 mts.

3)    If packing in 10kg carton, one 40RH reefer container and load 24-27 mts.

4)    One 20ft one door open container can load 12-14 mts.

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