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Colombian Coffee Beans | Europa Ep 5% - Buy Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans,Colombian Coffee,Coffee Beans Product on
Colombian Coffee Beans | Europa Ep 5% - Buy Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans,Colombian Coffee,Coffee Beans Product on Wholesale Business Directory

Colombian Coffee Beans | Europa EP 5% - FOB:US$3.54-6.42/kg - MOQ:1400 Kilograms

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Coffee, one of the most popular drinks in the world, is brewed from the dried, roasted seeds of the coffee cherry. Coffee is produced in more than 50 countries and over 25 million farmers depend on the coffee industry worldwide. 
  • COLOMBIAN COFFEE is the denomination given to a 100% washed Arabica coffee produced in the coffee growing regions of Colombia.
  • It originates from the particular combination of diverse factors:  the latitude and altitude of Colombia's coffee growing zone, its soils, the botanical origin of the species and the varieties of coffees produced, the climate and rain pattern generated by the double path of the Intertropical Convergence Zone over the coffee area, the ever changing topography, the luminosity, the favorable temperature range within the day and throughout the year, an adequate amount and distribution of the rain and some common cultural practices that include the processes of selective harvesting and of transformation of the fruit through its beneficio, that includes washing and drying.
  • These factors, together with the hard work of coffee growers, in a joint manner lead to the production and sale of an outstanding coffee described in the beverage as mild, of a clean cup, with a medium to high acidity and body, and a pronounced and complete aroma. It is a balanced coffee with a sensory profile of excellent quality.
  • Furthermore, the deeply rooted tradition of the selective harvesting of Colombian Coffee, the process of wet beneficio or post harvest, the drying process and its subsequent classification and threshing are also the basis for the optimum quality of the product. Colombian Coffee is without a doubt an outstanding coffee due to its combination, balance of quality attributes and the factors mentioned above.
  • Europa EP 5% coffee is a combination of flat, snail (caracol), large, medium and small beans detained above screen #15, with a flexibility of 5% of the beans collected over the screen #14/12.
Packaging & Shipping
  • 70 kg fique bags
  • GrainPro
  • Bulk package 


Our Services:

We offer the service of Private Labels and customized bags (subject to special terms and conditions).

Company Information
  • Marketers, Manufacturers, and Producers of Colombian Coffee. Strategically located at the Coffee Triangle: municipalities of Manizales, Villamaria and Chinchiná, department of Caldas, Colombia.
  • Continuing with the tradition and work of our ancestors, we’ve acquire a long experience within the coffee business; developing and integrating the production chain, incorporating family business branches from farms, wet mills, threshers, and coffee roasters.

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