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Caramel Brown Slab Sugar - FOB:US$36.85 - MOQ:800 Boxes
Caramel Brown Slab Sugar - FOB:US$36.85 - MOQ:800 Boxes
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Caramel Brown Slab Sugar - FOB:US$36.85 - MOQ:800 Boxes

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Classic Collection - Caramel Slab Sugar

  • Category: Classic Collection
  • Applications: Chinese Herbal Tea, Braised Bean Curd, Green Bean Porridge
  • Available Size: 454g, 600g, 3kg, 6kg
  • Flavour Note: Rich caramel sweetness
  • Fun Fact: The rich caramel colour is achieved at 130°C!
  • Came to China before Tang Dynasty from India.
  • Sugar in Hindi = Sakara (Stone like sugar)

Company Info:

  • Yuandong Food Factory (Huiyang) Company Limited is the production plant of Hong Kong Yuen Tung Sugar Group. Yuen Tung Sugar (YTS) specializes in the production of a variety of artisanal sugar products and traditionally fermented goods. With the use of time-honored methods and authentic ingredients, we produce distinctive high quality sugars. Our products include specialized sugarcane goods, brown sugar, crystal sugar, preserved vegetables, traditional sugar slabs and etc.
  • We are dedicated to supporting traditional recipes and local cultures. We believe that the traditional sugar making process is an important Chinese culture and art. The art of sugar making goes back to centuries before us and we would like to preserve the culture and create a legacy.

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