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Bone In Rib Eye Beef Meat - FOB:US$ - MOQ: Wholesale Business Directory

Bone in Rib Beef Meat - FOB:US$44.00/kg - MOQ:500 Kilograms

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  • One of the most tender beef cuts
  • Prepared from the boneless Beef Ribeye, Lip-On, IMPS #112A
  • Convenient and versatile, these boneless steaks can be ordered any thickness for a variety of menu options
  • Fine-grained and full flavoured with generous marbling
  • Offers great plate coverage and impressive presentations
  • Priced lowest in January and February, meaning these months offer excellent opportunities for operators to profitably feature beef rib specials, such as "Prime Rib" and rib steaks
  • Beef Rib follows a seasonal curve of supply and demand. Summer months, November and December are months of peak demand and, as a result, the highest rib prices
  • Beauty Steak
  • Beef Rib, Ribeye Steak, Lip-On, Boneless
  • Boneless Rib Steak
  • Delmonico Steak
  • Fillet Steak
  • Market Steak
  • Spencer Steak

Boneless ribeye steaks are a steakhouse favourite, renowned for their bold flavour and identifiable by their ribbon of rib fat. They’re not quite as tender as the tenderloin steak or strip steak, but offer more flavour in compensation. They can be cooked as you would other high end steaks – though their higher fat content can lead to flare ups on the grill, so take care not to char them.

Boneless ribeye steaks are cut from the ribeye roll. Their specifications typically include a pair of numbers delineating how much surface fat & less desirable tail meat are included in each steak. “0x0” steaks are almost completely trimmed, ensuring that each steak is mostly comprised of the desirable “eye” meat.

Bone-in ribeye steaks (also known as “Cowboy Steaks”) are also available.

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