HM3Y8H-60S-L Modular Servo

HM3Y8H-60S-L Modular Servo Motor Labeling Machine


With the characteristics of strong stability, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, etc, our newly designed modular servo positioning labeling machine boasts for flexible adjusting of various settings of machines. Compared with traditional ones, the labeling machine saves space and has a multiple combination functions which can combine the functions of cold glue labeling machine and self-adhesive labeling machine of various capacities, therefore, the labeling machine can serve for several labeling purpose without changing spare parts or machines. Besides, it also boasts for fully automatic logic program control, humanized design, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. The servo driving system of bottle table together with the advanced detection systemof image identification allow the machine to stick labels on different fixed positions of various bottle types, which also ensures high accuracy and high efficiency.

Product Description

Main Parameters

  • Model: HM3Y8H-60S-L
  • Main motor power: 11Kw
  • Main voltage: 380+-10%
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Suitable for bottle type: 35-100, H=210-300
  • Capacity: 70000
  • Speed adjustable range: 3000-70000
  • Dimensions: 4000*5000*3000mm (excluding labeling station )
  • Weight:10000kg
  • Compressed air: 0.08m3/min

Company: Laizhou Tongli Machinery Co., Ltd

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