ERS-R03 Re-Bonding

ERS-R03 Re-Bonding Sponge Machine(with steam)


The machine is mainly used to crushing foam has been mixed with glue. Then through the mould, pressed by the hydraulic system, the corresponding density of the regeneration of sponges required. The machine has a stirring, mixing, compression molding a set of assembly line and production efficiency.

Chooses to use the automatic steam moulding, the production efficiency 6-8 times.

Product Description

Technical Specification:

Model ERS-R03
mixing box cubage 12³
mixing speed 40r/min
total power 16.5kw
moulding size L2050*W1550*H1850mm(1pc)automatic
machine external size L6000*W3600*H4800mm

Company: DongGuan ERS Machinery Co., Ltd

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