Automatic Label Splicing

Automatic Label Splicing Self-Adhesive Labeling Station


The automatic label splicing self-adhesive labeling station is suitable for labeling with high productivity to achieve continuous production at high speed without interruption or stop. The labeling station is equipped with two labeling plates. During operation the label web will be picked up from one of the labeling plates and whenever the P.E. cell detects the shortage of label web it will send signals to cutting unit of automatic label splicing unit to cut label web on fixed label splicing position.

Product Description

Then, label web on the other label plate will be picked up in advance to wait for label splicing. The former trailing edge of the cutted label and the leading edge gluing will be glued together by double side adhesive tapes under pressure of air cylinder in order to ensure automatic label splicing. Above all, the labeling station allows labeling web changing accurately and quickly without slow down or stop of the machine which greatly improves working efficiency as well as reducing operator’s workloads.

Company: Laizhou Tongli Machinery Co., Ltd

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