Currently one of the most prestigious exporters in South China, Xingye Ceramics was founded 30 years as a small factory processing painted porcelain.
Through hard work and innovation, it developed rapidly into an export-oriented, competitive business, which integrates technology with industry and trade. Customers all over the world now know and accept Xingye products. Xingye employs more than 600 staff, and owns a 35 000 square metre production facility with advanced equipment for clay and glaze production. The production line uses two auto control tunnel kilns, one rapid-firing auto control roller tunnel kiln and three electric net conveyer kilns. Daily output reaches 70 000 pieces and annual production is valued above 80 million RMB. Operating on such large scale while remaining fiercely competitive, Xingye has a very promising future. The company invests in and promotes technical innovation. Its Xingye Ceramic Research Centre is equipped with advanced equipment, and its engineers and technicians devote themselves to their research. Making use of new materials, they have overcome the challenges of heat stability, shaping, glaze and so on, to produce quality porcelain for the international market. Our products cover a large range and are now under scale production. Also, as Xingye’s products are in-glazed and made to international standards, many clients place their batch orders, confident that our products will find a ready market.


  • Round Wire Series
  • Freedom Series
  • Phoenix Windmill Series
  • Sky Mountain Series
  • Mesh Series
  • Cyprus Series
  • Towering Line Series
  • Modern Series
  • Fine Paper Series
  • Mini Series
  • Cohan Series
  • Lexus Series
  • Milan Series
  • Color Porcelain Series
  • White Silkas Series
  • Wonderful Series