Wenzhou L&B Fluid Equipment co., Ltd lies in Wenzhou Binhai Industrial zone of Chinese Valve, and have a large scale for machine equipment and exporting & importing right now.
We are a leading enterprise in high-precision hygiene grad valves, pipe fitting and pump and tank.
Wenzhou L&B Fluid Equipment co., Ltd have special technology to design and exploit by CAD software and computer and is a outstanding leader among valve fields. We have advanced CNC lathes imported from Japan. We can manufacture the valves and fitting according to ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A, while we can produce the products per as the requirement from the clients (non-standard). Our products can get to the international standard and meet the requirement of GMP, so they are widely used in many fields, such as dairy, beer, food, pharmacy, beverage, cosmetic etc.,exported to America, Europe, the Middle East. Products Series
  • Sanitary pipe and valve series
  • Pump and high speed
  • Emulsifying machine series
  • Manhole cover and beer
  • Equipment accessories series
  • Sanitary filtration equipment series
  • Sanitary stainless storage tank series
  • Industrial pipe and valve series