TEDA Filters Co.,Ltd. (TEDA Filters) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TEDA Co., Ltd., located at the West Region of Tianjin Development Zone. As one of the earliest manufacturers of melt-blown non-woven material in China.
TEDA Filters is specialized in using melt-blown technology for the production of air filtration material, liquid filtration material, thermal-wear clothes, automobile sound and heat insulation material. With seven international most-advanced melt-blown production lines, the general capacity can be achieved to 7000tons/year.
TEDA Filters has ISO-9001 certified by LLOYD’s of UK.  We have various test equipment to examine and control the quality during manufacture process of all the products, such as TSI-8130, TOPASPSM-165 micro pore test instrument, Frazier Air Permeability Tester, etc. In addition to strictly quality internal control, TEDA Filters also sent the products to lots of authorities for a number of technical indicators and certifications, those inspection organizations includes NELSON from USA;CARIBBEAN Institute of Biology; TESTEX; PONY; IBR; LMS; SGS; Quality TestCenter of Special Protective Clothing of the CPLA. Products:
  • Air Filter Media
  • Liquid Filter Media
  • Masks Filter Media
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • PBT meltblown