Modern green tea producer integrating green tea planting, production, processing and sales. It owns nearly 10,000 acres of its own tea garden. It is a high-quality tea plantation base in China and a professional industrial green tea raw material supply.
Produces steamed green tea (sencha), organic tea (CERES certification), roasted tea (roasted tea), Longjing, fried green, baked green, green tea powder, matcha, eucommia, mulberry leaves, black rice tea, jade, flat water day Cast green tea and so on.
  • Product cultivation and processing and production are subject to EU standards and Japanese standards. The company has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO2200:2005, QS, FDA and other quality management system certification, but also established a complete traceable quality management control system.
  • The system ensures a range of traceability from tea garden management, fresh leaf production, transportation, warehouse management to shipping records. Under the system, the relevant departments of the company have a detailed division of labor, clear rights and responsibilities, and work together to ensure product quality.


  • Matcha
  • Organic matcha
  • Green tea powder
  • Japanese green tea
  • Famous tea
  • Organic tea
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