Shantou Wanchengfeng Plane Model Factory Our factory specializes in producing emulations plane models for the domestic and international airlines and the plane factories.
The main products are: Resin plane models, glass reinforced plane models, plastic plane models and metal plane models.
We insist on “Quality First, Deliver on time, Sincere and Progress for management theory, pledge to make great progress and provide high quality products to gain the trust from our customers all over the world. We had already made series of plane models for more than 30 airlines companies from both at home and abroad, such as Boeing, Airbus, MD, Civil plane, Business Jet, regional jet, and etc., Company showroom Besides we had already produced series of fighter plane models and other plane models for plane factories and armies. We have more than1000 varieties for more than 500 types. The specifications are 9CM-350CM. Our plane models are vivid with good quality, and well packing. It is the first-choice gift for airlines presents to guest, and it’s the ideal advertising gift for the public relations too. The products adopts fine craft with characteristic of China Guangdong Chaozhou – Shantou to made, it had passed nearly 30 process, such as make mould, pour, polish, repair, decorate, print, spray paint, build light, assemble, packing, and etc..The quality requirement of our plane models are kept improving. Products:
  • Resin plane models └ Civil plane models └ Military plane models
  • Plastic plane models └ Civil plane models └ Military plane models
  • Metal plane models └ Civil plane models └ Military plane models
  • Base stand
  • Packing