LitoPlas S.A. We are a company dedicated to the transformation and conversion of flexible packaging, founded in 1967, located in Barranquilla, a city called Puerta de Oro in Colombia for its strategic position on the north coast of Colombia, with its own port and between two of the most important ports of the Andean region: Cartagena and Santa Marta; 40 minutes from the main supplier of Bioriented Polypropylene in the region and important producers of Polypropylene and Polyethylene resin.
Today after four decades we are a company with operations centralized in a single plant, recognized in the market by our technology and installed capacity and mainly by having a large group of collaborators that excel in the conversion sector for their talent, innovation, Service orientation and their ability to unite to overcome challenges.
  • Transforms plastic resins of Polyethylene and PP elaborating a great variety of films both commodity and specialties according to their requirements: – High Barrier – High sealability – High mechanical resistance
  • Converts: prints, laminates, makes bags on plastic films such as Polyethylene, Bioriented Polypropylene, Cast Polypropylene, Polyester and other foils such as Aluminum Foil and Paper.
  • We provide mono-layered or laminated packaging structures in transparent Bioriented Polypropylene, Metallized or Matte high performance and performance according to the product protection requirement and packaging system.
  • We produce bags with lateral sealing in Polypropylene Monorientado of high transparency for grouping of packages and likewise we have a wide line of bags Stand Up and Doy Pack for manual packaging.
  • Sealed and laminated packaging for: Snacks, Biscuits, Beverages and Dairy, Food: bakery, flour, pasta and confectionery, Personal and household cleaning, Pet Food, Industrial, Agrochemicals.