Kai-Run Technology Co., Ltd.| - Manufactures, Suppliers, Exporters, and Importers Shenzhen Kai-Run Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, R&D team with an average of more than 7 years of professional 2.4GHz radio frequency, Bluetooth, Audio technology application experience, is a set research and development, innovation, production, sales (the main export) as one of the integrated enterprise.
ILCE is a brand registered by Shenzhen KaiRun Technology Co., Ltd. The company is committed to the office of cultural and educational supplies.
Commercial gifts, conference gifts, for the main products, products across the board using advanced environmentally friendly 2.4 GHz radio frequency wireless technology (lower than the low-end domestic shipments 433MHz advanced). Such as:
  • air mouse,
  • smart TV remote control,
  • wireless presenters,
  • remote control laser pen,
  • briefers, laser flashlight,
  • laser music stick and so on.
The company has a good technical advantage, the company has a good technical advantages, the company has a good technical advantages, the company has a good technical advantages, Quality control, is the service of the enthusiasm of commercial electronic products, consumer electronics products and solutions provider. The company with a unique concept of innovation, high reliability, fast and accurate delivery of the success of the success of Europe, North America, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, foreign recognition and trust. The company’s main business is to provide OEM, ODM services. Companies strive to innovation, and continuously forge ahead, for customers to create win-win situation of the value chain.


  • Laser flip pen
  • Audio – visual
  • Intelligent hardware
  • RFID