Jinjiang Senda Plastic Co., Ltd 1 Jinjiang Senda Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, is a professional manufacturer of various plastic products (blow molding and injection molding).
Specializing in the production of large blow molding packaging containers, such as chemical barrels, tool boxes, fuel tanks, soy sauce bottles, oil bottles, buckets. Various blow molding toys, various blow molding tables, sandbag bases, blow molding chairs and other blow molding products.
It has unique experience and technology in blow molding shaped products. The accumulated experience over the years has greatly improved and improved the product shape and effect. At the same time, we can also produce according to customers’ requirements. The company has a number of senior engineers and a group of experienced and experienced management personnel. Over the years, the company has attached great importance to product quality, delivery time and after-sales service. Products
  • 250ML-8L plastic bottle
  • 10L-30L plastic bucket (stacking bucket)
  • 25L-120L plastic bucket (flange bucket)
  • Toy class
  • Outdoor class
  • Oil bottle
  • Washing bottles
  • Bottle and bucket
  • Safety protective bag
  • Plastic tray series
  • Aquaculture