Intextil S.A.
We are a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of textile products. We have an experience of more than 67 years in the Colombian market, producing articles made in Cotton for the home, public and private institutions. We are proud to be part of a long textile tradition.
Intextil S.A. was born in the year 1948, in its beginnings the company was engaged in the development of pañolones, then gave way to the manufacture of other products such as cloths, hammocks, blankets, bedspreads, towels, canvas and cotton fabrics. Currently the company is manufacturing and marketing these and other products in the domestic market. Our main objective is to satisfy the market of cleaning, industry and home with products made in cotton friendly with the environment of great quality and of massive consumption, with the purpose of benefiting our national and international clients. We work to maintain our recognition in the textile industry as a company of tradition and confidence; sustainable and profitable able to respond to the needs of our customers. Products:
  • Textile towels for cleaning and cleaning
  • Bayetilla Made
  • Cookie Fabric Cover
  • Cleaning Fishbone Spine
  • Pique Fabric Bedspread
  • Cotton bast
  • Hammocks
  • Hand towel
  • Blanket Fleece
  • Support for hammock
  • Body towel
  • Intextile canvas
  • Billiard Pool and Carambola Cloth
  • Pool Billiard Cloth
  • Poncho
  • Mop fabric
  • Various canvas
Intextil S.A.