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Services of design, consultancy and execution of Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens, Permeable Floors and Artificial Wetlands with the objective of reducing the environmental damage caused by global warming and the urban growth of large cities.
  • The green roofs or green roofs largely absorb rainwater and the rest retains it for a while, helping to reduce the maximum flow of rainwater over the sewer. As a result, green roofs reduce the possibility of flooding in cities and in the periphery; They also act as purifiers of urban air, restore biodiversity and enable underutilized spaces among many other benefits !.

Ecotelhado offers diverse systems of easy installation, maintenance, using recycled materials and efficient irrigation systems. The vertical gardens or green walls, can be installed in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Permeable floors have a positive environmental impact by helping in the prevention of floods, reduction in the heat island effect, recharge of underground aquifers, maintenance of the flow of the course of the waters in times of drought and control of pollutants in rivers. It increases the filtering and treatment of rainwater by means of the retention of particles in suspension, such as phosphorus, nitrogen and hydrocarbons.


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