Health & Beyond Inc. is one of the professional manufacturers in China which is dedicated to research and develop a series of hygiene and Skincare products for healthcare, industry and consumer use. Accredited with ISO9001 and ISO13485, Our factory is CE certificated and FDA registered.
Our aim is to continuously supply high-quality and convenient products for customers to reduce the disease infections and increase personal comfortableness in people’s daily life, as well as in workplaces and public places.
Our strength is focus, fast & flexible on new product development, high quality control & expert technology on production, professional &quick response on customer service. We carry Health & Beyond brand for China domestic market and we also welcome OEM manufacture for overseas market. Health & Beyond, Care for your life. Our Products are selling all over the World. Products:
  • Personal-Fashion
  • Instant hand Sanitizer
  • Spray Hand
  • Soap Liquid
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Body Cream
  • Personal Sexy Body lotion
  • Personal-Kids
  • Instant hand Sanitizer
  • Professional Instant hand Sanitizer
  • Dispenser & Refill Bag
  • Lubricating Jelly
  • Ultrasound Gel
  • Patient Care
  • Baby Care
  • Promotional Products