Foshan Soonk Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production, sales and maintenance of packaging machinery.
At present, the company has automatic vertical packaging machine, granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, semi-automatic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, etc. It has developed more than 10 series, widely used in food, chemical, medicine, hardware, In the daily necessities and other industries, it has realized all the work of automatic metering, feeding, filling, bag making, date printing and transportation in various fields, which is the preferred equipment for improving work efficiency. A hard work, a harvest. After years of unremitting struggle, it has become the glory of today. The company has won the title of “Best Service Provider” and “Model Unit of China Credit Enterprise Certification System” for many years. Choose Songke to help you succeed! Products:
  • Vertical Packing Machine
  • Horizontal Packing Machine
  • Option Devide
  • Packing Bag