Exco Colombiana S.A. has a highly qualified Product Development Team to accompany you throughout your product’s development process.
We have a 3D measurement device that allows us to copy and transmit all your prototype’s dimensions to our CNC machines. We also use SolidWorks software for developing digital product plans.
This process includes determining the best packing, stacking, and crating materials necessary for safe shipment of your products. To get started with the development and quotation of your product, we only need a physical sample or drawing with technical specifications, application information and other relevant data necessary for the final result to meet your objectives. Products:
  • Tubing:  Round – Square – Rectangular – Elliptical – Oval
  • Custom Lengths: To optimize your processes we can deliver the tube produced to size (between 9 ft to 25 ft), reducing scrap and minimizing internal costs.
  • Cut to Length:  If you require cut-to-length tubing, Exco Colombiana S.A. supplies exact lengths, offering a cost-effective solution that eliminates scrap. Lengths: from 2″ to 16.5 ft. Cutting tolerance: ± 0.038″ over the final length of the piece. Cuts can be straight or in angle. (Tolerance angle ± 1º)
  • Bent Pieces: According to the applications of your product or your particular requirements, we can deliver bent tubing in a wide range of bending radius and diameter/thickness ratios.
  • Tubular Kits: If you require tubular components for your product assembly, Exco Colombiana S.A. offers the packaging of parts and pieces into single kits for assembly in our allies or third parties manufacturing facilities.
  • Welded Structures: Exco Colombiana S.A. can weld tubular structures for powder coating in our allies or third parties manufacturing facilities.
  • Welded and Powdercoated Structures: We are able to deliver tubular structures ready for the addition of components in our allies or third parties manufacturing facilities. We are also able to supply components for the final products with the right packaging for protection until destiny.