Colombinvest S.A.S is a Colombo German company dedicated to the realization of solar energy solutions. We integrate Design, Engineering, Consulting, Import, Installation & Assembly, Training, Operation & Maintenance in our projects.
  • International experience since 2005 and national experience since 2014.
  • Backed by first-class technology manufacturers such as Fronius – Austria who certified us as partners in post-sale for Colombia (Founius Service Partner).
With our effort, we establish confidence in technology and the use of solar energy. Our vision is the change of a Colombia today that is highly dependent on hydroelectric generation to a country with diversification in energy generation with a high percentage of solar energy.

German Quality:

We work with the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology, with the long experience of projects at international and national level & with the scope of delivery of German-style projects.


We deliver our projects with full compliance at a technical, financial and legal level, above all complying with regulations at the country level

100% Customer Satisfaction:

We want to be your ally for long-term solar energy issues, so we are concerned about your satisfaction, not only in the delivery of the project, but especially in the post-sale part for a period of over 25 years. As proof of our principles, we are honoured by the contractor certification of Excellence of 2015, an award given to us by Grupo Energía de Bogotá for the solar project delivered to the Energy Company of Bogotá in March of this year.


  • Solar panels
  • Investors
  • Assembly and structure solutions
  • Charge regulators and batteries
  • Electric tools
  • Solar heaters
  • Lighting with solar energy
  • Solar pumping
  • Solar fruit and coffee dryers
  • Training and solar energy courses


  • Self-consumption of solar energy
  • Isolated solar systems
  • Agroindustrial solutions
  • Hot water