Cixi Ruijing Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a powerful enterprise integrating design, manufacture, sales, service and trade. It has advanced production equipment and production lines. The company has a team of comprehensive and exquisite operating technology! The company specializes in the production of “mechanical adjustment foot pads”. Under the premise of market research, we have developed various styles (such as: outward-oriented, fixed type), materials (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, nylon) mechanical adjustment feet, For a variety of instrumentation, assembly line equipment, mechanical machine and other aspects. It has strong load-bearing capacity, balance, shock and lift adjustment functions. Baidu’s contraction keywords are: adjustment foot, joint foot, fixed foot, foot, support foot, metal hoof. We firmly take the market as a guide, starting from communication, doing timely processing of information, accurately grasping the market, Zhilidang hardware leader in the industry. In addition to selling domestic products, the company’s products continue to strive to open up foreign markets. Product List:
  • Articulated leveling feet…
  • Fixed Leveling Feet Nylon…
  • Fixed leveling feet Metal…
  • RHD leveling feet mounts
  • ND leveling feet mounts
  • JG leveling feet mounts
  • LPT leveling feet mounts
  • LPS leveling feet mounts
  • FTB leveling feet mounts
  • AFN leveling feet mounts
  • ED leveling feet mounts
  • M leveling feet mounts
  • Threaded Tube Ends for Sq…