More than 20 years ago this group saw the possibility of venturing into the field of chemical products for preventive and corrective maintenance. BIOQUIMAT LTDA is a company of biodegradable chemical products for maintenance.

To improve and create new products with ecological tendencies, always thinking about the improvement of life for humanity.

We are a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of chemical products for industrial and institutional maintenance in quality standards, clean production and industrial safety.
  • Focus our efforts towards the continuous improvement of processes through the rational use of resources and the commitment of our human talent.
  • Ecological commitment of our work, which is why we manufacture products under clean production standards, framed in the current established regulations.


  • Degreasers and Emulsifiers
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Disinfectant cleaners
  • Descaling
  • Automotive maintenance
  • Antioxidant coatings
  • Biological Treatments
  • Oils and lubricants
  • Detergents
  • Electric and Electronic Cleaners
  • Corrosion inhibitors

Markets: Industrial – Institutional – Food – Metalworking – Oil – Ecological

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