Biological Ideas “For a sustainable future”, is the best ally of the agricultural and industrial sector, for the care of small, medium and large scale crops, where we accompany the control of pests with products that are born with biotechnological processes and product chemistry natural, from endemic microorganisms (entomopathogenic fungi and antagonists) and secondary metabolites, is complemented by technical assistance, introductory talks to biological controls and home care in the Aburrá Valley.
We offer protection to the environment, to human and animal health, through integrated solutions of biological control of pests for the agricultural and industrial sector.
We stand out before the community for being a responsible company with the environment, for the agroindustrial companies we will be your supplier, recognized as leaders in the biotechnology area, which invests in the development of products and services with local and international coverage, generating development to customers, employees and partners.


  • Organic Bio-insecticide
  • Organic Insecticide
  • Antagonist fungus
  • Entomopathogenic fungus
  • Bio-insecticide of vegetable extracts
  • Nematicidal fungus
  • Insect bio-controller
  • Control of fleas and ticks in dogs and cats
  • Advice for good crop care