Bio Bolsa S.A.S is one of the largest and most important companies in Colombia and South America in the manufacture of Ecological and Reusable Bags and Packs.
Continuous effort in the automation of processes and improvements in the entire production chain, which leads to a significant and significant increase in installed capacity. In 2018 to manufacture nearly 20 million bags, generating 97 direct jobs , almost 75 indirect, and carrying out the entire production process from the manufacture of the fabric, which is our main raw material, until the completion of the bag.  
  • Very competitive prices combined with a fast response capacity and high quality in each of the products.
  • Competitive advantage when controlling the productive chain in the same factory.
  • Cutting, Printing and Making processes.
  • Currently has more than 4,500 square meters in Colombia and 2000 square meters in Peru, where the factory was opened since 2014.
Currently, sales are 78% distributed in the local Colombian market and 22% are exported mainly to Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Central America and the United States.


  • Bags Accessories, Jewels and Gifts
  • Bags with full bellows
  • Lower Bellows Bags
  • Halloween bags
  • Bags for Market and Anchetas
  • Wine Bags
  • Flat Bags
  • Cartridge cases
  • Aprons
  • Lining for Chairs
  • Hands-free and backpacks
  • Sporting Coats
  • Covers – Covers
  • Ruanas
  • Sports Tulas