• Marketing and sale of products and supplies for Agro.
  • Wholesale of fertilisers, organic and natural. Import of Agroindustrial machinery.
Company under the leadership of the agronomist Mr. Marco Ramirez C., who worked for 26 years with biggest producers and distributors of fertilisers as a salesman, sales manager, marketing manager and consultant in the Colombian area. He participated in the launch and introduction to the Colombian market NPK formulas, leaf and imported from the United States, Israel and Spain products. Colombian company committed to sustainable agriculture and clean. We dedicated our talents to ensure the quality and excellence of our products and services to provide satisfaction to our customers. Our Products
  • Avicompost: this is an organic fertiliser latest technology, highly effective. It is ideal for improving degraded soils and / or poor. ​
  1. For its microbiological content restores life to the soil.
  2. Improves assimilation of other nutrients
  3. Promotes root development.
  • Solaid this is an organic fertiliser made of vegetable material from market places and agro-industry waste.
  1. For its microbiological content: restores life to the soil.
  2. Improves assimilation of other nutrients.
  3. Promotes root development.
  • Agro-biological products as a bio-fertilisers and accelerators of decomposition of organic matter, among others.