We are a dynamic and dynamic company motivated by optimism and confidence in the country. We produce and market Galvanized Steel, Wavy Zinc Tile and Products for Metal Architecture.
As a result of our customer orientation, good relations with our suppliers and the continuous improvement of processes, our quality management system is certified under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard and has an Environmental Management system certified under NTC ISO14001: 2015 since 2013. We have quality seal for galvanized sheet, according to the provisions of NTC 4011. Today we serve the Colombian market and export to more than 10 countries in the Americas, mainly concentrated in the Andean Community of Nations, the United States of America, Costa Rica, Chile and the Caribbean. Products:
  • Flat steels (galvanised and pre-painted)
  • Covers (gutters, tiles)
  • Mezzanines (profiles, meta ldeck)
  • Pipes (structural, galvanised enclosure, black enclosure)
  • Accessories (curved end, shear connectors)
Experience & works:
  • Nemesio Camacho Stadium “El Campin”
  • Grantee of the Convention Center Compensar Av. 68
  • Athletic Unit Atanasio Girardot Coliseo Iván de Bedout
  • Covered Coliseum of Itagüi
  • Olympic Pool National Games 2012
  • Football Coliseum of Popayán Hall
  • Coliseum of Martial Arts of Popayán
  • Softball Coliseum of Maicao
  • Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium
  • Hockey Coliseum
  • Softball Coliseum of the Jaime Aparicio Sports Unit
  • Korfball World Cup Coliseum
  • Pedestrian bridge of Villa Country, Barranquilla
  • Vehicular Bridge Lake Caujaral