ABC DEL VITRAL is the leading company in Colombia and Ecuador, in the promotion, promotion and innovation of the latest techniques of work in artistic glass and its applications in the creation of all types of objects, spaces and environments at the architectural, artistic, religious level and in interior decoration.
Founded in 1993, we are a company with extensive experience in the import and distribution of glass, machinery, tools and latest trends in glass art, characterized by high quality. For this, we have a trained work team seeking to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. We offer more than 150 references of glass in colors and translucent for interior decoration in infinite forms of application such as division of rooms, doors and windows; In addition to murals, mosaics, classic stained glass, modern and religious. We also offer architectural glass for wall covering, furniture and artistic sconces. Some of our glasses can be laminated for large format applications. The specialized glasses that we also offer, can be cast by obtaining beautiful decorative objects from plates, borders, sinks, etc; even paintings and artistic paintings on glass. In ABC DEL VITRAL we offer advice, design and elaboration of all glass applications for all types of clients, including artists, architects and decorators; besides an academy with expert technicians, in order to offer new alternatives and ideas to the current decoration. Products:
  • Glass Color Imported – Imported Colorless Glass
  • Architectural glass for coating – Materials and Tools
  • Vitrofusion – Blown
  • Mosaic – Miscellaneous Products – books
  • Stained glass
  • Mosaic
  • Vitrofusion and Jewelry
  • Glass to the Torch