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The Association of Young Farmers of the Valley of Cauca "ASOJAV", is the result of a process of accompaniment to beneficiaries of the Young Farmers program promoted by the Committee of Coffee Growers of the Valley, which was born of the need to provide these, the possibility to carry out a life project, promote generational change and keep young people in the rural area, avoiding their displacement to the cities and encouraging the sense of belonging for their land, their cultural values, as well as managing their farms as a company coffee maker with criteria of sustainability in the economic, social and environmental.

At present, ASOJAV has a presence in 11 municipalities of Valle del Cauca, with a total of 35 Associates that produce coffee, which is negotiated through its main marketing scheme, Fair Trade. (Alternative to conventional trade that points to more justice in international trade). As a result of these negotiations, overprices are received which are invested in projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the members and their families, this being the main objective of the Organization.


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Being a model organization for the development of young entrepreneurs in the countryside, with a high level of competitiveness, in harmony with the environment, motivating future generations to love our land.

Represent a group of young leaders of the Valle del Cauca Countryside, through a participative organization, which commercializes agricultural products of excellent quality to achieve the integral Development of the Associate, their families and community.


  1. Julio Parra Pulido- Higuerones Sevilla
  2. Jorge Arturo Salinas I.  San Gerardo Caicedonia
  3. Javier Antonio Aguilar Las Ninfas Caicedonia 
  4. Jair Villamil García La Graciela Caicedonia 
  5. Edgar Blanco Cobo Santa LucíaBuga
  6. Lina Maria Cortes vargas Santa LucíaBuga
  7. José Alirio Colorado Santa LucíaBuga
  8. Ada Patricia Bernal B. La unión Versalles 
  9. José Luís Escobar O. El Cairo Chinchiná
  10. Juan Carlos Castro C. El CairoChinchiná
  11. José Edier Flores Alarcón  El CairoChinchiná
  12. Willinton Muñoz Lopera La Selva        Ansermanuevo 
  13. Juan Pablo Restrepo M. La Selva        Ansermanuevo 
  14. Eleazar Tabares G. La Selva       Ansermanuevo 
  15. Jhon Jairo Osorio J. La Selva        Ansermanuevo 
  16. Wilmar Antonio garcía G. La Selva        Ansermanuevo 
  17. José Alfredo Montes La Primavera        Ansermanuevo 
  18. Maria Helena Ardila Ríos La Primavera        Ansermanuevo
  19. Wilton Oswaldo ReinaSanta Polonia        Yotoco 
  20. Jesús Enrique BetancourthSanta Polonia        Yotoco
  21. Jhon Freddy Cruz Londoño La Sirena        Trujillo
  22. Cesar Augusto Gómez R. La Sirena        Trujillo
  23. Jerson Freire GonzálezLa Sirena        Trujillo
  24. Edward Fernando Osorio La Sirena        Trujillo
  25. Arcesio Bermúdez Ospina La Sirena        Trujillo
  26. Rubén Darío Quevedo La Sirena        Trujillo
  27. Julio Cesar Garzón García La Lorena Y borinquen   Jamundi 
  28. Fabio Nelson Carreño Cotazo La Lorena Y borinquen   Jamundi
  29. Luís Carlos Noreña Soto  La Lorena Y borinquen   Jamundi
  30. Arnoldo Ceballos GiraldoLos Naranjos        Argelia 
  31. Juan Carlos Sánchez Los Naranjos        Argelia 
  32. José Ancisar Montes IdarragaLos Naranjos        Argelia 
  33. Juan Bautista Marín Henao La Esperanza       Obando
  34. Gildardo Antonio Serna SotoLa Esperanza       Obando
  35. Gonzalo Garcés RamírezLa Esperanza       Obando 
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    Café Joven ASOJAV

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