What is ?

Our goal is to connect your business with compatible opportunities, support growth and help companies to generate profit. Our site is comprised of businesses from many sectors bringing to our users a wide variety of Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Buyers and Sellers to contact, research and be one of. ​

Companies are free to create posts for specific requests and offers which our team promotes to compatible companies. is the platform where companies can find clients from mainly China and South America although the platform is open for companies across the globe.


Benefits of

Being on the directory is a cost effective way to let clients come to you and easier way to research your areas of interest. If a company is specifically interested in a product or service your company has to offer, we will send you an email of notification and never spam you with unnecessary information.

As our company grows so does the potential for yours and for such reasonable price we believe being in is simple logic for business growth.

Ultimately, our team here at are not just happy when companies make business deals from using the website but also when our customers take action according to the analytics available for them. Finding products they would not have found before, building greater interest in specific products and finding new like-minded business people to network with.



Who is for ? is available for companies and businesses looking to expand their potential and ready to promote their products and attract new clients.

When first began our team concentrated on linking emerging countries such as Colombia in South America with renowned manufacturing countries such as China but when customers from other countries join we provide additional filters whilst linking their industries to the relevant fields.

With the registration information and photos a company provides, we set up this into an organised and attractive manner whilst keeping a similar pattern for companies to view and find what they are looking for.